Weekend Table Talk: The Back in Black Edition

It’s been a while, huh? Yeah, it has. Well, here’s some cool stuff you can talk to your friends about while your cult leader serves up the punch. 

Loki doesn’t listen to reason in the form of Tony Stark

The Avengers is only weeks away the hype machine (no, not this one, although it is unbelievably sweet) is going into overdrive. Which only benefits us, in the form of exclusive clips, like this one over at io9. Loki seems like more of a dumbass god than a trickster god.

AMC is slowly becoming the All kirkMan Channel

You know how AMC made Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead into a massively successful (albeit polarizing) television show? Well, it looks like they are rearing up to do the same again with another Kirkman comic, Thief of Thieves. Here’s hoping that the next few years will bring us an HBO adaptation of Battle Pope. 

Totally uncensored, whether you like it or not.

Sabrina will be touting the Satanic values of practising witchcraft on the big screen

Looks like your dreams are finally becoming a reality – Sabrina the Teenage Witch, fed up with being relegated to television, is finally making her way to your local cinema. Whenever an article describes the proposed script as being “edgier” than previous editions, it’s a good idea to steer clear.

In related news, Melissa Joan Hart was last seen begging outside Sony’s lot for a role, yelling, “I’ll play the stupid fucking cat, I don’t even care!”

Ron Swanson + Rorschach = Ron Sworschach [magic]

Ever wonder what would happen if Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson spoke Watchmen‘s Rorschach’s words? Or vise versa? Well, wonder no more, you sick bastard, because the hilarious result is over at the coolest Tumblr without “Fuck Yeah” as a prefix. Here’s a taste.

If you happen to be in Dubai next weekend…

You should check out the first ever Middle East Comic Con. While obviously not as huge as San Diego’s infamous nerdfest, Dubai’s version should make for some cool events and exhibits. Plus, Drogo from A Game of Thrones will be there. So that’s neat.

Because Frank Miller needs more money to finance his delusions of intellectual superiority, Sin City 2 is happening

That’s right. It will be called Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, and the guy who wrote the screenplay for The Departed is writing the screenplay, because that’s what dudes who write screenplays for a living do. They write screenplays.

Some of the New 52’s stories are being told by awesome writers

DC just announced National Comics, one-off comics that tell the story of some of the New 52 characters that don’t get much play otherwise. The first one is about Eternity, the coroner that can resurrect the dead. It will be written by Jeff Lemire, so there’s a damn good chance it will kick some serious tail.

And finally, you’ve probably never heard of it, but…

The Hipster Games is coming out soon. It’s, like, pretty obscure. Enjoy!

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