Li’l Gambino Boy

Have you been reading The Li’l Depressed Boy? It’s a webcomic-turned-comic-book series about a dude that likes the same things most young-ish people do: music, chicks and his friends. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, though, and it seems to suit him just fine. It’s a good read – simple, smart, funny. S. Steven Struble knows his audience, who are basically younger versions of the protagonist from Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. Pick up a copy when you have a chance.

If he's heading for happiness, it's hard to imagine he'll find it in Oakland. Man, how horrible IS his hometown?

Have you been listening to Childish Gambino? If you’re not, you should be. That is, if you’re a fan of whip-smart, poignant and often hilarious raps about insecurities, girls and, uh, rap. You may or may not know that Childish Gambino is Community‘s Donald Glover (no relation). Here’s the first single off last year’s Camp. Fair warning: there are a couple more swears than your average episode of Community.

Yeah, he ain’t Troy.

Well, if you happen to be among the coolest of people, chances are you dig both of these things. And use “dig” regularly in conversations.

You also probably pose for portraits like this one. And never explain to anyone why you don't just fill in the beard. Because you don't owe anyone an explanation. Ever.

So you’ll definitely dig Li’l Depressed Boy #10, in which the titular sad sack hits up a Childish Gambino gig. Also, if you’re lucky enough to be at the first few dates of Gambino’s “Camp” tour, you can pick up limited copies with a special cover drawn by Sina Grace. Or you can just order a normal version, if you’re not in the Texas area.

It’s likely you’ve seen Sina Grace‘s name before, as he – that’s right, he – is the other set of words in The Walking Dead’s Letter Hacks column. He is also a pretty darn talented artist, which is evidenced by his excellent (so far) work on Li’l Depressed Boy.

It gets bigger if you click it, since the internet is magic like that.

It must be noted that Gambino isn’t the first musician to cameo in Li’l Depressed Boy. The awesomely-titled, always-entertaining Andrew Jackson Jihad showed up in issue #7, bringing a smile and a thumbs up to everyone’s favourite voodoo doll-lookin’ protagonist.

It's hard to be sad when listening to the sound of an upright bass.

So if you haven’t been checking out Li’l Depressed Boy, now would be a good time to start. If nothing else, you get to see Troy from Community as a cartoon. And that’s always worth $2.99.

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