Weekend Table Talk: The Week-long Hiatus Edition

The Weekend is here! Time to get your favourite teddy bears together for a nice little tea party. And what better to talk about than the following super-nerdy news. First up, a couple of trailers…

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has another trailer

And it looks like the flick will be mighty awesome. After watching this movie, you will likely never hear the “four score and seven years ago” speech without adding “I killed some pale bitches” yourself. Check it out:

The Walking Dead Game has a trailer, too

And the graphics at least look sweet. Nothing is given away in terms of gameplay, but it looks highly stylized, kind of like XIII. Here’s hoping it’s better than that game, though. It debuted on Monday, but if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out:

Mark Waid is selling his massive comic collection

That’s right, the guy who writes what is currently Marvel’s best title, Daredevil, is selling over 150 longboxes worth of comics. Why? To finance a new digital comic publisher, of course. It sounds pretty brilliant, actually, as Waid is looking to develop comics with the digital platform in mind, rather than print, as is the case now. So if you want to own a comic writer’s old comics, or just check out some of his collection, click here.

Golf like Deadpool

As Comics Alliance points out, you can now get polo shirts adorned with Marvel hero logos. So you can rock your nerdiness at work without alienating your significantly older bosses. That Spider-Man mask you had tattooed on your face, on the other hand…

T.I. is talking to Marvel

He won’t say what, and the BET article is just as clueless as everyone else. It’ll always be nice to see T.I. in a movie, since he’s such an accomplished actor. His performance on Entourage – the episode where he played himself – should have bypassed the Emmys and gone straight to a Best Actor Ever Oscar.

But really, what would someone who is too scrawny to play a superhero, but too much of an egomaniac to play anyone that isn’t a major role do in a superhero movie? Maybe he’ll play himself. He rules at that.

It’s probably B.S., but still…

Someone leaked a poster of the next Wolverine flick via Instagram. It may be fake, it may not be, but here it is either way:

Womanthology is popular, so it’s becoming a series

Womanthology was a 300-page Kickstarter-funded graphic novel drawn and written by women. By all accounts, it was pretty damn good, so IDW is making it a series. So, ladies, get your laptops and pencils out and be a part of this. We need more of you writing and drawing this stuff.

Epitaph Records is launching a comic distributor

Not many people know that there is only one distributor for comics – Diamond Distributors. Recognizing this, Stephen Niles, the guy who wrote 30 Days of Night among others, is teaming up with Brett Gurewitz, Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph Records chief, to launch a new comic distributor.

It’s called Black Mask Studios, and you can read more about it, thanks to Wired.

Another reason for you to keep stalking Felicia Day (as if you needed one)

Dark Horse is getting together with the always-adorable Internet superstar Felicia Day to release motion comics on her YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry.

And finally, speaking of The Walking Dead…

There’s a Tumblr called The Laughing Dead, and it’s a funny bunch of memes about the TV show. Here’s a couple of good ones to leave you with. It’ll be about a week and a half until you hear from Longbox of Awesome again, so enjoy it now!

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