Film Adaptations Part II: Why They are Awesome

Ever read or hear about your favourite comic book or novel being turned into a movie? What was your reaction? Was it an initial bout of childish glee followed by a sick feeling in the pit of your soul? Neither? Both?

Well, in this post, we’re focusing on the former – that tidal wave of excitement that hits you so hard and suddenly that you don’t move for a moment, then immediately pace around your apartment wondering who to text first. That giddiness that makes you immediately post the news to Facebook to a largely uninterested audience, except that one dude who “Likes” it and by doing so becomes your besty.

This is all about why film adaptations are awesome.

Reason #1: Monie$ and more

To make a film adaptation of a written work, studios have to pay the author of the source material. Usually this means the author gets paid more than she has ever seen, even if the movie makes no money whatsoever.

This is more money than most authors will ever see. Unless they write about vampires.

So how do we benefit from authors getting stacks of dolla dolla bills? Simple: they get paid, they make more awesome stuff that can get turned into movies, and so on. And we get to absorb every (hopefully) awesome thing they pump out from there on out.

Everyone wins! Especially since…

Reason #2: When it succeeds, it opens the door for more adaptations in the same vein

This summer, we get to see a movie about The Avengers written by Joss Whedon. Now go back in time to ten years ago and tell yourself that.

You didn’t believe yourself, did you?

Unless ten-years-younger you was a smug prick (let’s be honest, he/she totally was), you didn’t – because it seems like an unbelievable prospect, a fantasy at best.

But it’s all too real, and none of it would have been possible without the success of Iron Man, then Thor, then Captain America: The First Avenger. 

Sorry, Hulk. "Success" was the operative phrase.

No matter what you think about those flicks individually, they were all mostly well-received and made a ton of money. This warranted an Avengers movie.

Unlike Superman, who’s been dropping the ball since the late seventies.

Reason #3: It’s just damn cool seeing characters you love brought to life

There is nothing quite like seeing your favourite characters walking, talking, shooting lightning bolts, driving, flying – all the awesome stuff they did in your imagination but in semi-real life.

How excited were you heard the first “snikt” in the X-Men flicks? Or see Ramona Flowers’ hair colour changes? Or saw Joker’s swagger and heard his bone-rattling laugh?

Or... Hmmm. Maybe this isn't the best example.

Reason #4: If the adaptation is great, it gets people into the source material. 

If a film succeeds – in the sense that it brings people into theatre seats – people tend to seek out the film’s source material. This is why you are currently seeing everyone everywhere you go reading The Hunger Games – the film has succeeded, and it’s not even released yet.

Which means more people reading, which is always a good thing, whether it’s novels or comics.

Although this movie may have been responsible for some people wishing they didn't have the gift of sight.

Which leads back to Reason #1. It’s like the circle of life or something.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s look at film adaptations. If you have anything to add, or just feel like sharing your best kitten story, leave it in the comments.


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