Weekend Table Talk: Dédié á Moebius

Have a bunch of comic book nerds for friends and want to talk to them about stuff? Have a bunch of friends who don’t know anything about comic books and want to completely alienate them? Well, you’re in luck, because we have just the tidbits for you! First up…

Jean “Moebius” Giraud passed away a few days ago

The man was a legend, influencing comics, movies, books – pretty well everything. How awesome was he? So much so that he won an Eisner for the only time he worked for Marvel. That’s right, he drew two comic books with Stan Lee and it won an Eisner award. That’s how good he was. He also influenced pretty well every major name in comics (it’s impossible to look at the work of Frank Quitely or either of the Romitas and not see a Moebius touch) and other awesome people, too, like Hideo Miyazaki.

A self portrait.

His award-winning work drawing The Silver Surfer for Marvel.

Doonesbury was awesomely relevant, as usual

Gary Trudeau’s staple has always been sharp with its satire, so much so that it is often listed as more than just a comic strip – at the very least, a “thinking man’s funny.”

This week is no exception, with Doonesbury  taking to task Republicans and their backwards, misguided views on women’s reproductive rights. Some papers won’t run the strips; others, such as the L.A. Times, moved the strips to the Op-Ed page for the week. Their readers, for the most part, loved it.

For the entire story, and some of the strips, check out The Washington Post‘s roundup. Want to just read the strips and avoid wiping away a solitary tear at the state of the U.S.? Check ’em out, thanks to some guy on Twitter.

Saga #1 was released on Wednesday and everyone thinks it’s awesome

Okay, maybe not  everyone, since there is always that one jerk that craps on it since everyone else likes it. But so far the intergalactic epic courtesy Y The Last Man‘s Brian K. Vaughan and awesome artist Fiona Staples (from Calgary!) has been getting some pretty damn good reviews. So go pick it up.

Check out the cover, it’s got a chick with wings and a dude with goat horns. That’s how you know it’s all science fictiony and good.

"What are you looking at? You know, if this was Toronto, nobody would bat an eyelash..."

These two would not be out of place at a comic convention. In fact, look for them around mid-summer. They'll be everywhere.

Speaking of Brian K. Vaughan…

Y The Last Man, the film, has writers now. Which is good, because a film without writers is… well, Avatar.

Brent Butt still likes comics, sort of

If you’ve ever paid attention to what Brent’s reading in the average repeat of Corner Gas, but it’s usually a comic (The Walking Dead, among others). In a Q & A with The Coast, Butt talks about comic books and comics that tell jokes.

The Walking Dead Game has a teaser trailer

There’s a destroyed house, a panicked mother, and a world clearly going to hell, but here’s the most disturbing part – it’s in colour. The gameplay trailer is expected sometime on Monday.


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