Weekend Table Talk: 100 % Kony Free!

Want some fuel for your tether ball tournament conversations? Want them to be completely free of anything Joseph Kony related? Well, you’re in luck. It’s been a slow week, but still, some cool things have happened. First up…

Finally, a movie about Nicholas Cage

It’s about damn time someone decided to make a movie about legendary thespian/possible vampire Nicholas Cage. Well, sort of. It will focus mostly around the theft of his copy of Action Comics No. 1. No word on whether he will play a role in it. It won’t be as awesome as Being John Malkovich, which is notable for being one of two good Cameron Diaz movies.

Sheldon Moldoff, Batman artist dies

The man who drew a ton of art for early DC works like Green Lantern, The Flash and Batman and went uncredited much of the time passed away at age 91. Ever seen the cover of Flash Comics #1? That was him.

On a lighter note, Kellogg’s is hilariously macabre

Kellogg’s recently released a cereal called Cinnamon Pops. It’s probably got all the diabetic-coma-in-a-box goodness you want in your morning saucer of milk, but that’s not the point of this blurb. The point is, the boxes of Cinnamon Pops feature comics explaining the origins of the cereal. Much like Itchy and Scratchy, the comics consistently feature a gruesome death for the cinnamon stick character. Certainly, some bored parents groups are going to be up in arms about this. But you will laugh. Check it out [click on the picture for a significantly larger version]:

Stop laughing and start writing angry letters! But seriously, is this cereal made the same way as French wine?

Hopefully your weekend involves some exercise

Just like Batman and Robin’s always did, as exhibited by wicked GIFs by Roberto Salvador. Here is one for your weekend enjoyment.

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