Tuesday Trailer Roundup

Over the past week or so, some awesome trailers have been released. The most exciting of which…

Is the second trailer for The Avengers, wherein Black Widow does her best to ensure it’s not a complete sausage fest. Watch it full screen and tell your boss to take a Hulk jump to Hell when he/she complains about your (lack of) productivity.

The HD version is at Apple’s site.

The most heartwarming trailer is for ParaNorman, about a little kid with a Fido Dido (remember him?) haircut and the ability to see and talk to dead things. Doesn’t it remind you of your childhood?

Then there’s Tim Burton’s return to stop-motion animation, the holy-crap-I-hope-it’s-better-than-Alice-in-Wonderland movie, Frankenweenie. It looks like typical Burton fare – dementedly cute and damn hilarious, and if everyone who has a The Nightmare Before Christmas backpack comes out to support it, it will be a success.

And on the complete opposite end of the scale is The Raid: Redemption. Super violent and Indonesian, it’s about some cops trapped in a 20-story building with a beavershit-crazy crime lord and his minions. Some people probably get injured.

The latest trailer for Men in Black III also came out, which is notable for the lack of a Will Smith song and Josh Brolin’s unreal impression of Tommy Lee Jones. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Otherwise, this movie will probably blow, so enjoy the trailer and avoid it in the theatres when it comes out.

… And that’s it. Stay tuned this week for some actual original content.

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