The Governor is British!

I know, I know – why don’y you just call this blog The Walking Longbox of Dead  or something equally lame? Quiet, you.

This is a pretty big deal, so it couldn’t wait until a Weekend Table Talk. The Governor, The Walking Dead‘s popular (among readers, not so much with Rick’s crew) one-eyed ruler of the Woodbury compound, has been cast for the third season of the show.

[Spoiler alert: Major comic plot points are given away shortly]

Anyone who has read the comics up to this point knows that the whole prison/Woodbury storyline is probably the most interesting arc to date, as it had the biggest impact on the Zombie Apocalypse Travelling Circus yet. The Governor and his war on the ZATC leave Rick with one hand, Michonne beaten and bloody and a hell of a lot of people dead. It’s also responsible for the most shocking spread yet.

The death of Lori and her newborn daughter, Judith.

See? So shocking there was no joke available for the caption.

But it’s also a stretch where many of the characters really come into their own, especially Andrea. So far in the show, Andrea has yet to become the sexy sharp-shooting siren we all fell in love with with during the prison debacle. Also in the show, Rick has yet to really earn his role as leader of the ZATC. During the standoff with the Governor and his group, Rick has something on the line – a safe haven for his wife, son and infant daughter – and becomes more than a leader. He becomes a grizzled general fighting with every bit of himself to gain a bit of sanity and calm in a world gone insane.

Also, there’s a bunch of shootin’ and killin’ and stuff.

The Governor loses stuff, too. Like part of his ear and his right arm. Then his life.

So who’s playing the Governor?

David Morrissey, a British actor known for being in Doctor Who. Judging by the comments on the io9 article, some people seem disappointed by the choice. Many people expected someone like Danny Trejo to take on the role, mainly because he kind of resembles The Governor of the comics. He’s also established himself as a badass, with roles in Breaking BadMachete and as the bartender in Anchorman.

Yeah, that's kinda badass. I guess.

So he’s got the grizzled attitude and certainly the look to play the part. It could be, however, that the writers may desire The Governor to be someone with a sympathetic side to him, a part of him that folks can identify with, which Trejo may not have the chops to deliver.

Or he could have just been busy. You know, being badass. Or he considers The Walking Dead “lightweight fare for nellies.”

What does the casting mean for the show as a whole?

Progress, plain and simple. Since The Governor has been cast, it would appear that the ZATC is planning on leaving the farm sometime in the future. This can only mean good things for the show. For a while now, it has felt stagnant – the greatest danger the viewer feels is that they team will stay at Herschel’s place for the duration of the entire series.

In the sixth season, there is a slight drought and one of the chickens lays weak-shelled eggs.

If nothing else, it gives people a reason to keep watching the show.

As it is right now, people who watch the show are doing so because of the possibility of it being the best show on television (an honour  owned by Justified right now). Let’s hope that the faith those people have is not misplaced.

For those who haven’t read the Walking Dead, go pick up the trades right now – it’s worth it.

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