Weekend Table Talk: The Money and Conventions Edition

How was Family Day? Amazing? Stressful? You didn’t have it because you live in a province other than Alberta? Tough break. Well, you’ll always have your teddy bear tea parties, right? Here’s some stuff for you and Mr. Snuggles to talk about. First up…

Some dude’s comic collections sells for $3.5 million

Too bad he died in the ’80s, so he never got to enjoy the spoils. Billy Wright was collecting comics back in the 1930s, and kept them all in immaculate condition. The comics that sold included a  Detective Comics #27 (the first appearance of Batman) and an Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman, which, judging by the cover, is when he showed up to terrorize desert tourists).

Not really sure what is happening here, but Superman appears to be attempting to murder someone.

The Occupy Movement makes its way to Riverdale

Man, Archie gets a lot of time on this blog. As Pop Tate continues to somehow make money operating a malt shop in a small town in 2012, Occupy Riverdale protests happen just down the street. Or something like that. Also, this may be the arc where Mr. Lodge finally rolls Archie up in a carpet and tosses him off a bridge.

Oh, there’s also a variant cover drawn by the awesome Jill Thompson. If you haven’t seen any of her work, check out some of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (which, really, you should just check out anyway) and the extremely entertaining Beasts of Burden.

Sometimes The Hindustan Times doesn’t get it right

Especially when it comes to talking about a Cher comic. It’s bad enough the comic is an awful abomination, but the article does little to help it.

Well, on the upside, if you give a child this in his or her stocking, they'll never ask you for anything again. Also, they will stop believing in Santa. And God.

Comic-Con India is going on as you read this

Don’t you wish you were there? If your only exposure to the Indian comic book scene is that Indian kid from The Big Bang Theory – why do you watch that show? It blows.

Anyway, just like San Diego’s infamous gathering (more on that later), India’s Comic-Con is getting bigger with every year. This year, it features Hollywood movies, an expanding Indian comic scene and lots of choreographed dancing.

So is Image Comics Expo

The House that Impossibly Ripped Superheroes Built is celebrating its 20-year run with an Expo all its own. So if you happen to be in the Oakland area, go check it out. Resist smacking Rob Liefeld in the mouth, since, by all means, he probably means well, he just sucks at his chosen occupation he got famous for, kind of like Schwarzenegger.

The Huffington Post‘s Chris Harnick has advice for The Walking Dead

And it’s valid advice we can all agree on. Hopefully, Harnick’s voice isn’t the only one that the producers of the often-frustrating, sometimes-amazing show hear.

And finally, a trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about Comic-Con

Oh, but which one? You know which one. There are plenty of others, but none quite as legendary as the San Diego installment. Morgan Spurlock (the fella behind Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) made a documentary about Comic-Con, and the trailer was released a couple of days ago. Check it out, and have an excellent weekend!

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