Walking Dead Predictions

The second half of the second season of The Walking Dead is two episodes in, and most viewers are wondering a few things, namely:

  • Is Shane going to die? If so, how is it going to happen?
  • Why is T-Dog (sp?) still alive? What exactly has he contributed to, well, anything?
  • Will the show ever gain any sort of forward momentum, or will it just be a series of unfortunate events?

Unbeknownst to many, Longbox of Awesome actually started as an illegal betting site, but has since paid the fines, done the time, and attempted to stop being so loquacious. So, for all of you gambling addicts, get your phones out, call your buddies and start putting bets on the next few episodes of what might turn out to be the best zombie-killing television show of all time.

Event: Shane dies

Odds: 2:1

In the comics, Shane doesn’t even make it to Herschel’s farm. Oh yeah, spoiler alert. Whoops.

He also had less goofy ears and more hair.

That’s right – he got shot through the neck by one of the youngest (but arguably the toughest) member of the Zombie Apocalypse Travelling Circus (that’s what Rick and company have taken to calling themselves, if you missed the last episode).

It seems like Shane is heading towards his special kind of jealous/crazy in the show, as well. Lori thinks he’s dangerous, Andrea wants him, and most importantly (because men in bucket hats are always right), Dale doesn’t trust him. He’s proven that he will kill anyone to further his own means.

Also, there’s a rumor that actor Jon Bernthal is loyal to Frank Darabont, who is reportedly making another show, with Bernthal set to star.

So it’s likely that Shane will die. The burning question is how. Will it be death by Carl, like a couple of people in the comics? Or death by zombie, like the majority of the United States, in both the comics and the show? Perhaps he’ll just overdose on the meth Merle Dixon left behind.

Holy shit would a Breaking Bad/Walking Dead crossover be awesome... ly terrible.

Event: T-Dog serves a purpose.

Odds: 53:37

T-Dog hasn’t done anything, but for some reason continues to live, much like Herschel’s entire family except for Maggie. So it’s fairly safe to assume that they must be keeping him around for some reason, right?

If nothing else, some point will come where T-Dog saves the Zombie Apocalypse Travelling Circus by sacrificing himself, probably during the last episode where the ZATC goes into town to get kittens for Carol (for comfort) and Carl (for dinner).


Event: Merle comes back and he’s pissed.

Odds: 12:7

Merle Dixon was a racist, sociopath and meth addict first and an incredible asset to the ZATC second. If he is anywhere near as tough as his brother Daryl, think of all the squirrel the team could have.

So much squirrel. Like, this guy's entire family tree would be in danger.

Unfortunately, Rick left him handcuffed to a pipe on the roof of a building in Atlanta. So it’s likely that, if Merle does come back, he won’t be too happy to see anyone. Except Daryl, who he will immediately send on a beer run, the truest sign of affection in the southern United States.

Event: The show stops spinning its tires

Odds: 1:3

To put this in perspective, let’s have a recap of the events of the previous 15 episodes:

  • Rick wakes up to find out the world has gone wacky.
  • He finds his family, along with his buddy and a group of survivors.
  • Rick and the others go to the CDC until it blows up.
  • Rick and the others go to this guy’s farm.
  • Sophia disappears.
  • Turns out she’s dead.

Remember – this all took 10 and a half hours to tell. Speilberg and friends took that long to tell the story of the entire World War II Pacific campaign. Surely The Walking Dead‘s writers can get some sort of motion going. Even if they stay in one place such as the farm, it needs to feel like the show is working towards something. As it is right now, it doesn’t seem like the show is going anywhere.

Even just a taste of a possible cause or cure would be nice…

Platypus bites. The cause of nearly every disease known to man.

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2 thoughts on “Walking Dead Predictions

  1. booksnob says:

    Hmmmm, Kirkman has repeatedly stated (in the Letter Hacks columns) that he has no interest in explaining the hows or whys, so I don’t think that’s something they’ll bring to the show.

    Although it significantly deviates from the comics plotline (as well as Rise of the Governor), I would so love to see Merle show up as that character. LOVE!

    I hope T-Dawg’s only purpose is food for Walkers so that others can escape. I hate how many stupid risks he’s already taken and it was idiotic of him to be moving corpse corpses with an open wound on his arm. >.<

    • I think it would be amazing if Merle came back, maybe not as the Governor, but as the reason for (if the show wants to follow the comic) Rick losing his hand.

      Good point about the open wound. Yep. Time for T-Dog to go.

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