Weekend Table Talk: The Valentine’s Hangover Edition

Still sorting through the hundreds upon hundreds of Valentine’s cards that filled up your mailbox? Well, take a break and get some fuel for your debates. First up…

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks awesome

Whether you think the content of the film is worth your time or not, you have to give credit where it’s due: picking Johnny Cash for the trailer music was a stroke of brilliance.

Also, there’s lots of cutting stuff and fire, so it’ll satisfy the really sad arsonist who read this.

Some Belgian student tried to ban Tintin in the Congo

You know the one with insanely racist but astonishingly accurate depictions of what 1930s white people thought of those in the colonies? Yeah, apparently a Belgian court struck down the student’s case that the book should be banned. According to Comic Book Resources, the court said,

“It is clear that neither the story, nor the fact that it has been put on sale, has a goal to … create an intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating environment.”

But, since he/she has money and dogged determination to burn, the student said he/she will appeal.

Racist? Not seeing it...

The gay dude from Archie is getting his own series

That’s right, Kevin Keller #1 is coming out (see what I did there?) to the impulse buy section of your local grocery store this month.

He looks absolutely terrified about the whole ordeal.

Looking at Mr. Keller, it’s almost shocking how Aryan he is. If he existed back in the day, Hitler probably would have used him on his campaign posters. You know, since most of the men in his inner circle were flamers. Oh, what, you didn’t know that? You need to bone up (did it again!) on your history, friend.

More like Hermann GAYring, am I right? Whatever, it's late.

Comic Book Men aired

And a bunch of people didn’t like it, like this guy. And most of the reviews over at Metacritic aren’t stellar, either. Certainly, it’s an odd duck – a bit of Pawn Stars here, some Smodcast there – but you can’t deny that the conversations on the show are similar to ones you’ve had before/are going to have this weekend. Also, if Bryan Johnson (the dude with a giant beard) doesn’t work there, what does he do?

A Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover comic is on it’s way

So mark your calendars for May. That way, you can pick it up, and reclaim your title as King of the Nerds. Crossovers are always good, right? Sure. Also, the cover looks like this:

It's going to be seven books of them arguing over which version of teleporting is better. (That's what Doctor Who does, right? Teleports?)

Image is having a 20th anniversary art exhibit next week

So if you’re in the San Francisco area, swing by the Cartoon Art Museum and check out some works by favourites like Jim Lee, Ryan Ottley, Todd McFarlane, as well as other people whose name you probably spit after mentioning, like Rob Liefeld.

And finally… Kean Soo is awesome and you should love her

And her work, if you so choose. She writes the Jellaby comics, which are fun, charming strips about a brother and sister who hang out with a smaller, friendlier, purpler version of Godzilla. Take some company time to check out her site, it will charm the pants off you I guarantee it.

And if your boss fires you for not wearing pants, it would totally be worth it.

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