Less Words, More Animation Nerds!

On Friday, you were treated to the awesomeness that is Wilco’s music video for “Dawned on Me,” featuring everyone’s favourite spinach-slurpin’ sailor, Popeye. Well, it’s Monday now, and most of us are back to work, desperately trying to chase away our persistent hangovers with gallons of coffee.

In an effort to give your bloodshot eyes a break from the strenuous task of reading (ugh, isn’t it the worst?), Longbox of Awesome presents you with a series of awesome videos for your entertainment. First up…

A quick short for all you ADD-addled adults (see: everyone online).

Electroshock is a French short, in a similar vein as Pixar’s The Incredibles. With more gratuitous boob shots.

Une Vie Savage (The Wild Life) is an absolutely beautiful Canadian short. It’s actually one of the nominees for the Best Animated Short Film (or whatever the category is) Oscar. It stars an Englishman who discovers he may not be suited for life in 1909 Alberta. Oh, it’s all in French, but don’t let that scare you – the stunning visuals will keep you hooked for the whole 14 minutes.

Another gorgeous Canadian short up for the Best Animated Short Film Oscar is Dimanche (Sunday). The odd whimsical cousin of Une Vie Savage, Dimanche follows a little boy with a penchant for putting coins on railroad tracks as he finds his way through a boring adult world. Don’t be thrown off by the French title, if you don’t speak the language, it doesn’t matter – there’s no dialogue.

… And there you have it. For some reason, anyone who speaks French is amazing at animation. Take note, struggling animators – if you suck now, learn French.

If you already know French and still suck, well, the world always needs carpenters.

As for the rest of you, if you want a list of the rest of the Animated Short Film Oscar nominees, Cartoon Brew has one. It’s also worth it to bomb around Cartoon Brew for a while, since it’s awesome.

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