Weekend Table Talk: The Maple Leaf Gardens Time Capsule Edition

 Once you finish writing speculative fiction about what all the crap that Conn Smythe buried underneath Maple Leaf Gardens, you can talk about comics. Here’s some conversation fuel…

Cyanide and Happiness, The Oatmeal protested SOPA/PIPA

[Yes, this story is from last week. Whatever, still awesome.] But they’re back, don’t worry. Yesterday, The Oatmeal was “blacked out,” with a hilariously poignant comic featuring a koala and a goat in carnal embrace and a kitten barbecue. Cyanide and Happiness, on the other hand, took a slightly less hilarious approach, with a fake “content blocked by SOPA/PIPA” page. But it’s alright, kids. They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack, along with several others you were probably craving in your cubicle. Seriously, what did you do last Wednesday? Without the best webcomics and Wikipedia, corporate North America’s productivity must have gone through the fucking roof.

Axe Body Spray is making a comic book… Bro. 

Old news, but still hilarious news. Comics Alliance reports that Axe – you know, the stuff that reeks like your greasy boss’s cheap cologne but, according to the commercials, attracts so many women that you may end up running for your life – is making a comic book. Called AXE: Anarchy, the book will unfold via it’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, which, if you “Like” or subscribe to, you probably aren’t reading this.

Oh, there's boobs? Well, shoot - I take it back!

“Covered” is an awesome blog you should read after you’re done reading this one

If you’ve ever visited Covered, then you know that it’s a great blog where a bunch of insanely talented folks do their own interpretations of comic book covers. If you haven’t, then you probably should go visit it… In a minute, we aren’t done here yet. But when you do get there, check out the amazing Drive-inspired cover of “Amazing Spider-Man 50.”

Another Calvin and Hobbes tribute to something nerdy

Timothy Lin, who has some cool shirts available here, has drawn Spider-Man and Venom in the roles of Calvin and Hobbes, respectively. As you probably predicted, it’s adorable. (via io9)

Marvel says they’re going to be creative this year

And they should be. Really, how the hell else do you expect to sell comics? Sitting on the same stagnant ideas for years? That wasn’t working for DC, so they pulled a ballsy maneuver and restarted everyone. Temporarily killing one semi-popular character isn’t enough, so perhaps bringing in some new blood will help… Well, whatever. At least Dan Buckley’s optimistic.

They’re making a movie out of Bone and it may be…

A movie. Really, it’s too early to speculate, but according to Very Aware, the guy who wrote the TV show Greek” is writing the script and the guy who directed My Best Friend’s Wedding is signed on to direct. Holy crap. Well, at least the studio that made Happy Feet 2 is making it, since that movie was… Oh boy. Bone was an absolutely incredible epic journey, so let’s hope that the movie will do it justice.

The CW has ordered the pilot for a Green Arrow TV show

It  has also ordered pilots for “Beauty and the Beast” and a “Sex and the City” prequel. The adventures of a Robin Hood-obsessed archer with a sweet goatee should be more interesting than those two, right? Right?

Here’s some free comics to throw on your Fire

Your Kindle Fire, that is! (sigh) Comics Alliance has made a list of 15 of the best free comics available for the Kindle Fire. Check it out, you may find something worthy of your time.

Archie Comics’ co-CEO is nuts and banned

So, Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit has been banned from entering the offices of the House of Riverdale or playing any role at the company. Turns out judges can also tell if you’re completely bonkers, to the point where you’re harassing employees and making wang jokes at schools. Here’s a hilarious*Archie cover to tide you over.
*hilarious is a relative term. This is Archie we’re talking about here.

Well, Josie and the Pussycats are playing. Of course you want the best security money can buy. Except Frank Castle can't be bought. Yeah, what the hell was the context here?!

And there is some Diesel Sweeties for your iPad

So, the guy who makes Diesel Sweeties made an e-book with Apple’s iBook Author. Then he offered it for a free download. He got over 10,000 downloads in three days. So, all you webcomic suckas, take note. This digital thing may be around for a few more years.

There’s a Steve Jobs comic coming out and it looks like it will suck

Too soon? It always will be for some folks. For the rest of us, we can laugh at how crappy the art is. Also, to tide us over, we can laugh at this really awkward cover of the Bill Gates comic coming out soon.

Wilco and Popeye are adorable together

Check it out: not only is it a new Wilco video, it’s the first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in over 30 years. Double awesome!

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