Christmas Table Talk: Brought to you by The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where you do shots with your terrifying alcoholic aunt, slather a coniferous tree with fire hazards and wear sweaters that match your grandmother’s couch. Clearly, you’re going to need some conversation fuel (other than spiced rum) to alienate those less nerdy family members ’round the table. Longbox of Awesome has that in spades. First up, some trailers…

The Dark Knight Rises has an official trailer and it looks great

No lie:

If embedding is disabled, click here for the trailer.

If this doesn’t get you excited, you have no heart/sense of awesome. Also, this may win for most American preview in a little while (football + Star Spangled Banner + muscles + mass destruction = USA! USA!).

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has an official trailer and it looks great

Again, no lie:

If embedding is disabled, click here for the trailer.

If this doesn’t get you excited, you have no heart/sense of awesome. Gandalf is the Grey! And it looks like he gets some action! Also, there seems to be a trend towards singing in trailers lately, which means we can expect an incoherent rap from Sylvester Stallone in the next Expendables 2 trailer.

Jack the Giant Killer has a trailer and it looks like it could be good

Check it:

If embedding is disabled, click here for the trailer.

If this doesn’t get you excited… Well, that’s understandable. Bryan Singer has done some wonderful things before (see: X-Men and X-2: X-Men United), and fairy tales are huge right now. Plus, it looks like there is more tree tossing in the movie than at a Scottish birthday party. But probably less booze.

Fiona Staples is from Calgary and doing well

Brian K. Vaughan (you know, the brilliant mind behind Y: The Last Man¬†and Pride of Baghdad) is comic out with a new comic called Saga. It’s a space fantasy he described as “Star Wars meets Game of Thrones” and it’s probably going to be damn good, since most everything he does is pretty awesome.

Also, proving that Canada’s comic art community reigns, he tapped equally brilliant Calgary artist Fiona Staples to draw it. If you don’t know her already, now is a good time to check out her blog and track down some of her previous work for DC and Vertigo. You won’t regret it.

Also, read this interview with Vaughan over at Comic Book Resources, where he talks about Saga.

Kevin Keller is marrying Clay Walker

Since this blog has an disproportionate amount of posts about Archie and the rest of the Riverdale crew, here’s another: Kevin Keller is getting married. In an upcoming issue, Kevin returns from the Iraq war and marries a fella named Clay Walker, who is absolutely nothing like Clay Walker the guy who sings country songs like this:

The super GOP candidates

Check out this video, where an adorable pre-teen asks the Republican whackjobs candidates if they were a superhero, which one they would be.

Three notable highlights:

Right at the start, when Mitt Romney says he would be Superman (which is what most of them said, since it is probably the only superhero they know), and one of his supporters shouts out in response to “why?” “That’s America!”

Herman Cain looking a little bit annoyed, then kind of bullying the little kid when he says Batman is his favourite.

When Ron Paul gets confused and walks away.

Sharukh Khan is in a comic

If you have ever seen a Bollywood movie before, chances are Sharukh Khan was in it (he was the one poking his face out from either side of the tree while the girl practiced screwing in lightbulbs). Now, he’s in a comic called Don, based on one of the billion movies he has been in. Bollywood is just starting to pick up on the trend of adapting films to comic books that Hollywood has been all over in recent years. Hopefully, it will turn out better products than Hollywood. But so far… Well, see for yourself (Khan’s on the left, the cover is on the right):

He's probably the poor dude who was going for the rich guy's daughter or something. Then he had to shoot a bunch of guys.

And finally…

A bunch of Christmas comics from years past. Have a good one everybody! Thanks for reading!

War is notorious for giving crappy gifts. That's why he's never invited to gift exchanges.

Yeah, a giant, useless globe that will probably crush us all! Thanks, Superman, you homicidal maniac!

Probably a good idea not to leave this one laying around the house Christmas Eve if there are little ones around.

It would be an even worse idea to leave this one around for the kiddies.

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