Comic Book Movie Madness!

Okay, that title is a bit misleading. It’s not madness; it’s just a rather large update on some movies that are coming out. Why do you care? Because all of these movies are based on comic books, and some are even based on good ones. First up…

A new poster for The Dark Knight Rises

So let the speculation begin! It features a broken Batman mask and what looks like Bane walking away through the rain. The Longbox of Awesome theory: Bane is disappointed with the cheap dollar store Batman costume his mom bought him, but he goes out trick-or-treating anyway, all the while gritting his teeth in seething anger. Then it starts to rain, and the throws the mask on the ground, stomps on it and pouts as he walks away. Check it out below, or check out a wider version here.

He turned away because he doesn't want you to see him weep.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff out for Amazing Spider-Man

Like pictures of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker doing stuff.

via Jezebel

You’re getting awful close to the object of Jim Carrey’s affection there, Parker. Better watch yourself. Nobody crosses Ace Ventura and lives to tell about it.

Oh, and a pretty awesome poster was released.

via superherohype

Men in Black III

The movie you’ve been super excited about, so much so that you’ve been sending Tommy Lee Jones daily postcards from the Antarctic research station you’ve been trapped in for eight years, has a new trailer out! I bet it will be one of the few films you will ever see Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin in together. Try to keep the squeals of excitement from distracting your cubicle neighbours.

The most impressive CG? The stuff that made Will Smith look like he did in 2002.

Iron Man 3 might be pretty good

Robert Downey Jr. has nothing but good things to say about the script for Iron Man 3. According to, Tony Stark is looking forward to getting back in action. But, since he’s Robert Downey Jr., he also sees it as a grander metaphor for the state of the world at large.

Check out the interview below.

ParaNorman may be the bomb

Remember the kid from The Road? He’s the voice actor for Norman, the star of a movie about a kid who sees dead people. If that wasn’t bad enough, his town gets overrun by the undead, leaving Norman to fight them off and save the town. It’s not based on a comic, but it looks awesome nonetheless. Now shut up and watch the trailer with the sweet I Know What You Did Last Summer homage.

The Walking Dead rumours abound!

So, Michonne may show up at the end of this season, and she may be played by this chick from True Blood. This is just a rumour of course, but it’s certainly enough to get people jacked about the second half.

You never know, with her in the cast, maybe stuff will happen.

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