Weekend Table Talk: Tanganyika Independence Day Edition

Want something to talk about while you and your buddies gather around the pub/Magic the Gathering/Warhammer/Five Finger Fillet/poker table? Well, here are some news bits from the last little while that will fuel your conversation. First up…

This Wikipedia entry may help you understand the title.

Dark Knight Viruses

The viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises has begun, in the form of “leaked” CIA documents that appeared online not too long ago. They concern Leonid Pavel, a Russian scientist that went missing. Christian Bale’s reaction?

He was psyched... Right?

There’s a penis joke in here somewhere…

So, in Kevin Keller #4, the title character runs for the chance to be the first gay class president at Riverdale High. In somewhat related news, Archie Comics co-CEO (seriously, that’s a title) Nancy Silberkleit, shouted “penis” repeatedly at a board meeting, so some school uninvited her to some event. On the plus side, everybody in the meeting said it was “the most awesome board meeting ever” and that, “swear to God, I stayed awake for the whole thing. No joke.”

You nuts? Here, read about these completely well-balanced individuals in tights

Comics Alliance has a great article about a psychologist who uses comics to treat patients. Apparently, he uses Irredeemable, Nightwing, and others to see how his patients identify with the characters. Also, the article has a great picture of Moon Knight as a psychiatrist and Dakan as the patient. That alone is worth checking out.


Marvel revealed the cover to Deadpool #50, which will start the storyline “Dead.”  The should probably be called “Holy crap I can’t believe we’ve made it this far after that crappy story arc where we sent Deadpool into space for no frickin’ reason.”

"Yadda, yadda yadda Bub yadda yadda."

A 52-inch tribute to DC’s characters

Ilias Kyriazis, a Greek artist, created an awesome tribute to a whole bunch of DC characters. It’s seriously worth checking out, as it’s adorable and impressive at the same time, like a baby lifting a car. Check out the article over at Comics Alliance, or click here for the whole thing.

Finally, some sad news

Jerry Robinson, prolific comic artist best known for creating The Joker, passed away on the 7th. He was 89 years old. Robinson was also a staunch supporter of creator’s rights, going to bat for Siegel and Schuster in their epic battle with DC for the rights to Superman. Below is a picture of Robinson with The Joker, as well as a sketch of the everlasting villain.

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