The Avengers vs. X-Men? You’d Better Believe it!

Marvel’s been plowing through a ton of events in the last little while. Let’s see, shall we? There was:

Fear Itself (Marvel superheroes vs. Sin and The Serpent)

Siege (Norman Osborn vs. Asgard)

Dark Reign (Norman Osborn vs. Civil Liberties)

Secret Invasion (Marvel superheroes vs. Skrulls, some of which were disguised as Marvel superheroes. And Jarvis)

Civil War (Marvel superheroes and villains vs. Marvel superheroes and villains)

… And a ton of other smaller or title-specific events.

So what’s next?

Marvel Zombies vs. Philip's Cake. He's a new villain.

It’s The X-Men vs. The Avengers!

That’s right, Marvel’s next big event, which they are planning to release more details about tomorrow, features the students of Xavier facing off against the friends of Dr. Strange.

Not really sure what the context is here, but if Cyclops ends up facing off against Captain America, it will be alllllll right.

Also, what about Wolverine and Storm? The just (like, just) joined The Avengers. Where will there allegiances lie? Will Ororo and T’challa be forced to break up? Will Black Panther stay in Hell’s Kitchen?

Will anyone finally notice Bucky Barnes was a bit of a turd?

So many questions!

All of which will come up with this answer.

Could you imagine being a fly on the wall of the meeting where they came up with the idea for this one?

Joe Quesada: Dude, what’s next?

Brian Michael Bendis: I dunno… Can The Avengers fight The X-Men or something?

Joe Quesada: Bender… You just blew. My. MIND!

Brian Michael Bendis: Yeah, I do that sometimes. Are you gonna eat that last Cakester?

And then they created this. With fingerpaints.

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