Weekend Table Talk: December 2nd Edition

Want something to talk about while you and your buddies gather around the pub/Magic the Gathering/Warhammer/Five Finger Fillet/poker table? Well, here are some news bits from the last little while that will fuel your conversation. First up…

Some Guy Found a Comic in his Attic that’s Worth More than You

This guy found an Amazing Fantasy #15 in his attic. For those who don’t know, that’s the one where Spider-Man first shows up. Because it wasn’t bagged and boarded, it’s worth only $10,000. I’m sure he’s disappointed in that.

Some Guy Sold a Comic that’s Worth More than Your Family

Who’s “some guy?” It’s Ghost Rider himself, Nicholas Cage, because he has no money because he blew it on awesome stuff like castles and raising shitty kids. Regardless of how much he sucks, he managed to sell an Action Comics #1, the comic that introduced Superman to the world, for $2.15 million. It broke the previous record of $1.5 million paid for the same comic a few years ago. It really puts to shame that time you sold your Fantastic Four #441 to your cousin for a G.I. Joe, doesn’t it?

Israel is Using Comics to Raise AIDS Awareness

Comics once again prove to be a force for good in this world. In light of the increasing number of new cases of AIDS in Israel, the Israeli Museum of Caricatures and Comics (yes, something that awesome exists) is hosting a new exhibit aimed at increasing AIDS awareness among the country’s youth. Check it out; if you can read Arabic, they’re probably hilarious or poignant.

Oh Hey, Sophia. What’s up?

Remember that time when your favourite TV show spent a large part of a season searching for someone who ultimately ended up being dead? Yeah, Dexter did it. So did The Walking Dead. You can watch the entire search for Sophia, summed up in two minutes at io9.

An Exhaustive History of Grant Morrison

Ever wanted to know everything about madman Grant Morrison? Well, Comic Book Resources is giving you the chance with the Grant Morrison edition of Comics College. Perhaps you’ll pick up some Morrison titles you’ve never read because of it.

The Gutters Just Keeps on Killin’ it

The Gutters is an awesome webcomic about comics drawn by awesome people in the comic industry. If you haven’t read it before, do so immediately after you finish reading this. Particularly funny is their take on Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar’s upcoming working relationship.

Angry Birds or Thunderbolts? Oh the Decisions!

Yeah, Marvel just released the 3.0 version of it’s app, which apparently has better features than before and stuff. You know, since squinting and holding your phone an inch away from your face is the best part of riding the bus.

And Finally… Tony Stark has the .gif Shakes

Kerry Callen has created some amazing GIFs featuring classic comic book covers, and they are awesome. Check them out below (via Wired).


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