Booster Gold the TV Show

Time to get out your favourite yellow wraparound shades and strap some wings on your Roomba you just painted gold – Booster Gold may be coming to your television box.

Syfy just ordered a pilot based on the time-travelling DC superhero from the 25th century. While this doesn’t mean that a show is guaranteed to air, there is still a very real possibility that DC’s biggest self-promoting sellout will be brought to life on the same channel that brought us the beloved Battlestar Galactica.

Hopefully this becomes the main promotional image.

For those unfamiliar with Booster Gold, he’s an athletic fella named Michael Jon Carter who stole some technology and travelled to the present from the 25th century to make a name for himself as a superhero and make some bank in the process. Along the way, he becomes a true-to-life superhero and annoys most of the other heroes. He has a tiny robotic security bot named Skeetz that helps him out. Currently, he is leading the Justice League International.

If the series goes ahead, it won’t be the first time we’ve seen Booster on the small screen – he showed up, along with his best friend, Ted Kord AKA Blue Beetle, in the final season of Smallville. 

The result: He looked less like someone from the future and more like what would happen if a young Bono drove in NASCAR.

Here’s hoping that it will be better than what the CW had to offer. Not that Smallville wasn’t great, but Booster’s costume looked like it was ripped straight from the Jersey Shore “Clubbing in Canada” outerwear collection. Granted, the CW isn’t exactly known for it’s high budgets and groundbreaking special effects, but… well, you can see.

Perhaps Syfy will bring in a Blue Beetle as well, since the relationship between the brilliant Beetle and the bombastic Booster is crucial to Gold’s mythos.

Yeah, they're close.

Maybe it will be a Blue Beetle that doesn’t die all of the time, as anyone who dons the Blue Beetle suit in the comics is wont to do.

But if he does, it better look at least half as cool as this.

...Or this.

Perhaps it will fill the hole that Smallville left. Since the demise of The Blur’s series, there hasn’t been a good live action superhero show to hit the small screen (I’m look at you, No Ordinary Family). Perhaps this will cure the nerds jonesin’ for some more tights and fights action.

Close, Silva, but not quite.

Plus, it has to be handled extremely carefully. The costume itself  would make Liberace cringe and say, “Oh, that’s gauche.” The story involves time travel – which, we’ve seen time and time again, in comics and television, has to be written expertly to avoid confusion and convoluted story lines. Nobody wants to see Rip Hunter and Booster flying through the rainbow time stream in the time bubble unless it’s made convincingly.

Or holy crap maybe they would.

Granted, it will be a while until we see anything. There is still casting to be done (check’s casting suggestions here), then the pilot has to be shot, then, if accepted, we will probably have to wait a year or so for it to hit the air.

So, until then, read the new issues of Justice League International to get a taste of how Booster rolls. Or dig into some of the older series, Geoff Johns’ run was particularly awesome, and an excellent example of how to handle time travel in comics.


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