Weekend Table Talk: The Death of Alpha Flight and Others, The Walking Dead will Live,

Want something to talk about while you and your buddies gather around the pub/Magic the Gathering/Warhammer/Five Finger Fillet/poker table? Well, here are some news bits from the last little while that will fuel your conversation. First up…

Marvel Makes some Cancellations

As of January 2012, the new run of Alpha Flight, only recently announced as an ongoing series, will be no more.

Apparently, sales were low for all of the books, so issue 8 will be the last. Oh, and the cover looks awesome.

Pretty certain that's the Master of the World getting the ultimate face wash.

It’s too bad that Alpha Flight can’t move books, since the possibility for great stories is so great. Hell, Northstar alone could probably hold up his own series in the right hands.

Steve McNiven can’t be that busy…

You know Iron Man 2.0, right? The book you always glaze over? It’s done too.

Iron Man 2.0‘s last issue will coincide with the end times (according to lunatics, improper readings of Mayan prophecies and Roland Emmerich).

And Rhodey looks pissed.

The All Winners Squad is also done come 2012, five issues into its planned eight-issue run. Which isn’t the end of the world… Or is it?

The Walking Dead Break into a Run

The Walking Dead was renewed for a third season. Which means, hopefully, another season of Daryl Dixon kicking extreme amounts of ass. First, the crossbow, then the awesome stash of drugs? The only way he could be more awesome is if he had a Fu Manchu.
Note to TWD producers: Let Daryl Dixon grow a Fu Manchu.

Frank Miller is… 

A racist? Frank Miller, seeing how relevant 9/11 still is (read: it’s not), put out Holy Terror not too long ago. Originally written as a Batman story, the short book shows Batman knockoffs kicking Al-Queda’s ass. It even opens with a quote from the prophet Muhammad.

So, what does Frank Miller know about Islam? Nothing, apparently.  Apparently, he just felt the world needed more close-minded American views on people they don’t know or understand.

Also, Sin City 2 is in the works. The good news? Jessica Alba’s character Nancy Callahan will be in it.

Let’s just hope that Miller stays away from directing, since The Spirit was worse than watching a horse being skinned alive while listening to Bono making an impassioned speech about poverty.

"No, please! Don't make me watch that lame attempt at riding the success of Sin City! I can't do it!"

Superman was Cheap in the ’30s

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the cheque written by DC to Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster for the exclusive rights to their character.

If only they could have seen how much he would be worth… And all of the different versions of himself he would spawn.

Finally, Criminal Makes it to the Big Screen

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ masterpiece Criminal is going to be developed for film by Brubaker himself. The proposed director is David Slade, who directed Twilight: Eclipse and 30 Days of Night. So, you can only get better at directing the more you do it… right?

And Just in Time for Christmas…

What you’ve always wanted – a John Lennon graphic novel! The guy who worked on comics about Cher and Selena Gomez is writing one about the most famous and well-loved Beatle. Sorry, Paul.

This will be the perfect gift for that someone special, especially if paired with his tooth.

Oh, Finally! Everyone’s Favourite Superheroes!

The Tea Party has its own comic book. It’s called The Rise of the Tea Party, and it’s sure to be a hunk of shit. Check out a preview here.

And think about this over the weekend: This is real. It exists in the same world you are living in right now.

Michelle Bachmann is the one with the wicked sideburns and the Adamantium claws, right?

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