Amazon is a Bully, DC is a Fair Maiden and Barnes & Noble is a Whiny Wiener

Recently, Amazon showed up at the sandbox with a new toy the Kindle Fire, its new e-reader. Confused about why you care, right?

With that announcement came word that Amazon had exclusive rights to over 100 DC titles, meaning you could read all about the death of Sue Dibny wherever you want… Since you couldn’t do that before. But it’s lighter! And you can spill a very minimal amount of Corona on it without ruining it! And there are sound effects (citation needed)! And other very necessary tangible benefits that you don’t get from a comic, like… uh…

He's dying inside.

Okay, there really is no point in trying to make a case for comics on an e-reader. E-comics won’t go up in value, nobody is impressed with your collection, you can’t examine and dissect the art like you can with real books, you can’t trade them, and you can’t get them signed by your favourite author/artist.

So, Barnes & Noble, now the biggest bookstore chain in the States thanks to the recent shutdown of Borders, said, “You know what Amazon and DC? You can both go to Hell! Or a small apartment near the boardwalk in Coast City!”

Because something like this will probably happen. Like it does in Coast City at least twice a year.

Then they pulled all of their DC titles from their shelves. And, presumably, held them tight to their chest and said, “I’m going home and telling my mommy on you!” as they stomped away.

And Amazon laughed, because fuck Barnes & Noble.  Also because now they are the only major American retail chain selling DC titles.

And how does this affect you? It doesn’t. It’s more of an example of playground business tactics – tactics that will ultimately end up burning Barnes & Noble, who are right now undoubtedly leaving choked-up, panicked messages on Stan Lee’s voicemail.

You’ll still buy physical copies of your books, you’ll still trade them with your buddies, you’ll still yearn for that really sweet variant cover. You’ll keep browsing and browsing, finding new tales of your favourite heroes.

You’ll still add new titles to your file, filling longbox after longbox with fantasies, lessons and memories.

So keep bending the corners of your favourite titles, because you can. They’re not going anywhere, just like you.

Oh, and if you want some sweet DC action, check out these really sweet trades available right now.

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