Every day something new comes out regarding the two most anticipated movies coming out next year, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. It’s usually something lame, like a photo taken from four blocks away of Captain America picking his nose or a theory about Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jason Todd (which would be awesome).

Like this photo. Seriously, Internet? That's the best you could do?

So when Entertainment Weekly ran a cover feature last week about The Avengers, the reaction from the general public was a resounding “meh.” It was regarded as “lame” and “late” by a fair share of Internet Gollums, mainly because it was preceded by a million set photographs and speculations.

But is it really that late? Or are we just spoiled?

Answer: It’s late, and we are spoiled.

To be fair, it was also considered lame because the cover kinda sucked.

Yup, that's Mark "Bruce Banner" Ruffalo doing his best "Blue Steel."

We are spoiled in that we expect to know the entire film before it’s even released. We want to see the costumes, the action scenes, the major plot twists – we want it all, and we don’t want to wait for it.

And thanks to ambitious super-nerds and the Internet, we don’t have to wait. Every day, there are new pictures and possibilities hitting the web under the heading of *spoilers*.

The problem is, with every day bringing something to light about the film, you may be sick of hearing about it by the time it comes out.

Hell, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was making the illegal download rounds well before it hit theatres. You know, so people could see the public flogging Deadpool received early.

Also, film promoters are more anxious than ever to get the word out about their movies, so they leak things before the release date. Usually this works, giving fans just enough of a taste that they come in droves for the whole meal.

Unless, of course, you are dealing with a film like The Dark Knight Rises. Aside from some set pictures every now and again, details are scarce involving the plot. Christopher Nolan likes to play things notoriously close to his chest, so very little is known about any of his films.

And it must work, since his last couple of movies made billions.

So Entertainment Weekly is late and the Internet ruins every surprise ever. There’s a spoiler for you.

Tell me what you think – does the Internet kill your buzz for a movie?

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