Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Revealed!

First things first: that title makes it sound like she’s naked. She’s not. Sorry.

But she is wearing black and riding the Bat Bike. So that’s cool. Oh, and she’s wearing some fucked-up welder’s goggles.

Yeah, it’s Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Judge for yourself.

Ummm... Who let a blind leather fetishist drive the Bat Bike? That just seems dangerous!

Also, some set photos have hit the interwebs, revealing Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s shared penchant for standing around with their arms crossed. There is also a bunch of other photos (thanks io9!) that show Bane and Batman battling it out.

All of these photos are kind of underwhelming, to be perfectly honest. But, the fun part: speculation! What do you think they mean?

Big riot on Gothan’s streets? Batman is forced to do karaoke to save John Drake’s son? Holla back in the comments!


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