Viewing Marvel’s Shorts and an HBO Documentary about “Superheroes”

Well, Marvel has started rolling out teasers for their series of shorts “Marvel One-Shots.” The first one, entitled “The Consultant” features Agent Coulson talking to someone about a “consultant” they want to bring in to annoy a general. Check it:

Yep. Probably Deadpool.  He doesn’t work with the Avengers (most of the time) and he annoys pretty much everyone. The only person who could put up with him most of the time was Cable. Or Bob.

Then again, there is a small chance it could be the Eric O’Grady edition of Ant-Man. However, he is not so much annoying as he is straight-up greasy.

But we’ll have to wait until Thor comes out on DVD.

For those readers with ADD… Well, to hell with it. You’ve already stopped reading.

But for those of you with normal attention spans, or who have ADD and skipped down here first, you don’t have to wait that long for some high-quality superhero-related entertainment.

HBO, again delivering on its promise to give you all that is naked, curse-riddled and all-around awesome, brings Superheroes to the small screen.

Superheroes is about… Well, check out the trailer:

Yeah, that’s right. There was actually a dude in spandex.

Superheroes  could serve many purposes. It could:

a. Serve as quality entertainment; the kind that makes you glad to be who you are

b. Make you feel safe in your respective neighbourhood, now that there are no crazies running all over the place. Yup

c. Depending on what happens to some of these people, serve as a reminder not to dress up like Casey Jones and take on people who can and will kill you without blinking.

d. Make you weep uncontrollably for hours during and after the end credits

e. Inspire you to dress up like a gay ninja turtle and hit the streets with your brother’s nunchakus and take on the first guy you see wearing a do-rag experiencing do-rage.

You will likely receive a beating courtesy The Fashion Police, a very dangerous mob that rules Vancouver and has several very fabulous smaller offshoots throughout North America.

Whatever it inspires, it’ll be a good time. Also, hit up YouTube to check out tiny teaser featurettes about the characters in the film, like Team Justice, Life and Thanatos, Xtreme Patrol (assuming that guy is sponsored by Mountain Dew), and The New York Initiative.


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