Walking Dead – Frank Darabont = ?

Last weekend, during Comic-Con, Frank Darabont, the legend behind a few Stephen King books-turned-movies, showed up to promote the second season of The Walking Dead.

Then, a few days later, he stepped down as showrunner (what Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, does on 30 Rock does). There hasn’t been any statement from him yet, but this doesn’t bode well for the season. First, a fired crew of writers, and now the showrunner and executive producer steps down… Well, maybe it is a good thing.

First off, last season was really good – not great. The fact that many people are raving about may relate to the outer-worldliness of the show. Nothing like The Walking Dead had ever been tried on TV before, and it was a shock. Especially that first five minutes of the show, which was badass beyond all recognition, but the rest of the show was kind of inconsistent in it’s awesomeness. There were sparks of brilliance, and an undercurrent of unease; you were never sure who was going to live or die. But then there were things like the serendipitous grenade and Merle sawing his hand off that inspired a few “really?” type sneers.

But damn if it wasn’t entertaining.

But what’s in store for Season Two? Let’s see:

Alright, ignoring the Blair Witch camera work and the shotgun that apparently has no recoil and an infinite clip, season two looks… Interesting.

From the looks of things, Maggie (yes!) and Herschel (ummm… yep) show up, the only black dude gets hurt, and so does a kid (probably Carl). So it looks like the first few episodes will be intense, gory and filled with exhausted people freaking out.

Dammit woman! There's zombies about! Settle yourself! We must absquatulate with haste!

But now that Darabont has left, what will happen to the rest of the season? Robert Kirkman is known to be quite hands-on (which may be the reason for Darabont’s departure), so he may not let quality slide. However, he is busy with, what, five different titles (Invincible, The Walking Dead, Super Dinosaur, Infinite, Haunt… there must be something else), so it is next to impossible to give the show his entire attention.

But perhaps this season will be just fine. We still have some Stephen King and son-written episodes to look forward to, as well as (hopefully) Andrea becoming the badass she is infamous for in the comics.

But who knows? This could be a good thing. Maybe Darabont was getting out of control, asking extras made up like zombies back to his trailer for some “zombie training.” Or maybe his departure will breathe some fresh air into the series.

For those of you who want to speculate on who may appear out of the comics, you have until October 16th to catch up.


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