Dark Knight Rises Revelations: Bane

Yeah, so this is old news.  But still, on the odd chance that (both) readers haven’t heard or seen it yet, Bane was revealed on the Dark Knight Rises’ website.  Well, sort of, anyhow.  He was semi-revealed in the classic “overlooking something while being kinda pensive” pose.

Kinda like this, except twice as hard.

As any of the readers of the comics (or the players of Batman: Arkham Asylum) already noticed, Bane doesn’t look anything like the more familiar massive and occasionally grotesque version we’ve seen before.

He's also shaped a little less like the letter T.

Otherwise, not much is given away by the photo, except that we can expect one hell of a badass Bat-baddy (sorry, it was too hard not to put that phrase in there).  But he does have some weird headgear, just like Hannibal Lechter, or a bald Lady Gaga.

Maybe a little more subdued.

Or maybe Christopher Nolan’s version of Bane is a bulked-up version of Forrest Gump, recovered from childhood polio and looking to kick some serious ass.  Or he just had a particularly cruel dentist growing up, and he carried his wicked braces and a burning vengeance into adulthood.  One thing’s for certain – he is pale as hell. You would think that someone that pale would take a shine to someone who fashions themselves a “Dark Knight” and spends too much time in a cave.  You know, maybe give the guy a break.

Sorry, but sometimes puns just write themselves.


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