What does the Canadian Election Mean for Comics?

As Canada reels from another election, one were people looked up from their comics and yelled a collective “meh,”  Longbox of Awesome is spending time wondering what the election could mean for comics, free speech and the arts in general.

Election? Whatever...

Comics haven’t been on the receiving end of ultra-conservative “it’ll corrupt our children!” propaganda since the post-WWII Ezekiel Gathings days.  So it makes sense that the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund has shifted much of its current focus towards video games.

It’s kind of nice, really.  Comics exist in their own little world, and it seems that anyone with a political agenda mostly ignores them.

"Look out! They're going to bounce on our heads!"

Free speech – well, we all know about that one.  Harper wouldn’t let reporters during the election ask any more than five questions per day of him.  If he had no problem squelching the Charter of Rights and Freedoms during the G8 and G20 summits, then Canadian artists really are hooped.

The arts in general are going to be struggling, as well.  Conservatives have already made major cuts to arts funding, and now with nobody to stand in their way, they can keep on doing it.

Which is a shame, because without arts funding, much of Canada’s best independent comic creators will not be able to afford to spend time creating their masterworks.  There is so much great stuff that may never see the light of day.

Which is lucky for this guy, 'cause he hates the light of day.


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