Superman’s Dead… To Fox News, at Least

Last week, DC released Action Comics #900, an epic 96-page special that contained, among a longer initial story, a few stories penned by notable names like director Richard Donner and director/producer/everyman David S. Goyer.  Normally, something like this would not make any mainstream headlines – it’s just a special edition comic book.  Wizard would cover it, and that is about it.

But one of the stories has been a hit on the right-wing American news channels like Fox News and Headline News.


Because in it Superman renounces his American citizenship.

"Also, at the end of my speech, I am going to tell Bill O'Reilly to blow me. Oh, wait, does he even exist in my universe?"

Ignoring the fact that this was just a one-shot written by a guest writer for purely entertainment purposes, meant to stretch the boundaries of what a well-known character is known for, Fox News viewers went nuts.  The story was berated for its “lack of patriotism,” and many were outraged that the symbol of what is good about America would turn its back on his motherland.

Of course, none of the people actually read the story.  They had no idea that it had nothing at all to do with Superman’s continuity.  Not that it mattered.

No, just like the supposed “Ground Zero Mosque,” it really didn’t matter what the specifics of the story were, just as long as ass-backwards hillbillies were able to use it as proof that the fires of Hell are coming to consume their beloved ‘Merica, torching every Bald Eagle in their path.

And then they win. "They" being commies or terrorists or something.

But if they had sat down and thought about it for a second, maybe they would have realized something – Superman isn’t American.  But neither is Jesus, and yet hardcore conservatives still tout him as a symbol of ‘Merican values.  Superman really should have no reason to care about America in the first place, since he did come from another planet entirely.  And that is what the comic was trying to get across – no superhero should be resigned to one country.  They are concerned with what every citizen of the world should be – the world, not just one small section of it.

In fact, it is a bit surprising that rednecks (see: Fox News viewers) haven’t protested Superman before.  After all, he is an illegal alien, taking jobs from hard working ‘Merican superheroes.

Probably the only one ever to make it on a stamp.

But really, can you blame him?  Most Americans are a little embarassed to admit where they are from when travelling abroad; can you imagine how bad it is for Superman?  It’s surprising he hasn’t put a maple leaf patch on his cape.


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