Marvel’s Checklist: Zombies? Natch. Vampires? Natch. What is it we’re missing?

Marvel has never been afraid to embrace the occult.  Last year, riding the popularity of Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries, Marvel dropped the Curse of the Mutants arc on the unsuspecting X-men.  While providing readers with an opportunity to see what a vampire Wolverine would be like (pretty much the same as ever, but more of a dick), it also proved that not all vampire stories must involve whiny teenagers.

Or maybe not, since Jubilee was the only X-man (X-woman?) to turn and stay a vampire.  But at least she didn’t sparkle.

Or shower in crystal meth.

Marvel Zombies has always been popular, with about a million different versions and crossovers, the majority of which always manage to involve Deadpool.  Or Headpool.


No, not that type of Headpool. Sicko.

Dr. Strange has always casually existed in his own little world, practising black magic and telling people off when they ask him, “Hey!  Steve-O! What’d you get your doctorate in?”


Answer: Massive Cape Design.

So what other magical machinations could Marvel dive into?  Longbox of Awesome has decided to speculate.  Enjoy!

Marvel Werewolves

They made a brief appearance in Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness, but they should really be given their own run.  How entertaining would it be to see Iron Man transform into a bloodthirsty canine by the light of the moon?  Or see Norman Osborn get plugged by a silver bullet-packing Spider-man?  Also:  Johnny Storm as a flaming werewolf?  Hell yeah!


Where's Jacob? Oh, two Twilight references in one post! Whammy!

Marvel Leprechauns

There would be few things more entertaining than watching a leprechaun version of the Punisher attempting to go after Wilson Fisk’s pot of gold.  Or Lucky Charms.  Maybe this should be reserved for a St. Patrick’s Day one-shot.


If Marvel can grab Thor from Norse mythology, and turn him into a massive bolt-shootin’, hammer-swingin’  funny-accented, 80’s metal hair-wearing badass, then certainly they can find some way to work the Loch Ness Monster into the Avengers.  It’d be coolder than The Wasp, anyway.


Admittedly, the artist wouldn't have much to go on.

Frankenstein Returns!

Apparently, Frankenstein’s Monster hasn’t appeared in a Marvel comic since 2002 (Thanks, Wikipedia!).  That is far too long for a character that has the endurance of Wolverine and the intelligence of Sarah Palin.  An arc featuring Norman Osborn brainwashing the monster, ending with it becoming a member of The Avengers wouldn’t be too hard to create.  I mean, if Alan Moore managed to make the fucking Floronic Man hardcore in Swamp Thing, certainly Mark Millar can do something with Frankenstein’s Monster.  At least shorten the name to Frank.

Marvel Ghosts

Why aren’t there more ghosts in Marvel comics?  It isn’t like there is a shortage of deaths in the Marvel Universe.  Possible story arc:  In the middle of Civil War, Goliath’s ghost comes back to haunt New York City.  In an unprecedented crossover, The Ghostbusters are called in to take care of it.

They never cross streams.


And neither do they.


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